High Pressure Cleaning of Decks, Driveways, Paving, Roofs, Gutters and Drains

Pressure Cleaning of decks, driveways, paving, roofs, gutters and drains, including laserlight, weatherboards, swimming pools, tennis courts, outdoor furniture, spouting, water tanks and downpipes, any hard surface that requires removal of built up dirt and grime, mould, or slime.

*  Removal of mould, algae, moss, dirt and grime on any hard surface around your home, including cleaning decks, pavers, roofs, gutters, pools and any other area that requires cleaning
*  Home makeovers of your home and garden surfaces
*  Unblocking and cleaning gutters and stormwater drains

Greene Plumbing has many years experience, expertise, and specialised equipment. We use the latest technology in high pressure wet jetting to produce fast, efficient and cost effective solutions. Given our harsh Aussie climate, it makes good sense to have your outside entertaining deck or patio routinely pressure cleaned. It’s also wise to consistently maintain those areas of our home that gather dirt and debris and are therefore susceptible to damage or prevent rainwater dispersing to tanks or stormwater drains. As licenced plumbers we can also check, repair and/or quote any damaged or potential problem areas while on site, before further damage occurs.

We can provide one off cleaning or scheduled maintenance through our custom cleaning and maintenance programs, which can be tailored to your individual needs. Call us now!!

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