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Septic Wastewater Treatment Systems – Design, Sales, Excavation, Installation, Irrigation and Servicing

Greene Plumbing are the Approved Agents for sales, excavation, installation and servicing of Aqua Nova, Aqua AdvancedTaylex & Ozzikleen domestic WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS and the HIPPO industrial WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM. We are currently an approved provider for the Surf Coast Shire for plumbing, drain clearing, roofing and septic servicing for council assets.

We are experienced, licenced plumbers and a one-stop shop to deliver, excavate, install and service your wastewater treatment system.

Greene Plumbing can design, purpose build, supply, install and service septic treatment systems for any situation. Our treatment plants have been used in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications from household backyards to farms, mining sites, yacht clubs, caravan parks and council vehicle wash-down bays.

A Home Sewage Treatment Plant treats all wastewater generated in a household, including sewage (black water) that is discharged from the toilets and bidets and the sullage (grey water) that is discharged from kitchen sinks, hand basins, laundry troughs, washing machines, dishwashers, showers and baths. It treats the wastewater in an environmentally sustainable way by making use of the naturally occurring bacteria that is present in the wastewater. The system is designed to hold the polluted/degraded water in specially designed compartments where various types of bacteria can flourish, and in doing so, “treat” the water, naturally, without dangerous chemicals or additives.

We are licenced plumbers with many years experience installing and servicing septic treatment plants and grey water systems. Aqua Nova (two tank system) & Aqua Advanced (one tank system) septic systems incorporate light weight, plastic tanks, which are easy to handle and install, especially on steep or difficult sites. We can work with you to design your septic system and irrigation system to best suit your site, your garden and shire recommendations, and can also create an individual servicing program to meet your specific circumstances, your Shire and EPA requirements.

We provide regular scheduled servicing of your system, according to EPA and Shire guidelines. Our service round is scheduled quarterly in February, May, August and November, or we can tailor your servicing to your specific situation. Should your septic system need urgent attention, then please don’t hesitate to call us anytime!

Aqua Nova Two Tank Wastewater Treatment System  (EPA Approved: CA68/2006)

Aqua Advanced One Tank Wastewater Treatment System (EPA Approved 63228/09/2025)  click here to see how this system works   

Safe & reliable

  • Aqua Advanced comes with a 20 year tank warranty
  • Manufactured by Everhard Industries – the trusted brand in environmental and wastewater solutions
  • All household water can be connected with the appropriate working capacity system
  • Unobtrusive, odour free, environmentally friendly and safe

Tested to industry standards

  • Aqua Advanced has tested to the requirements of the AS/NZ1546.3 standard and has tested to the Advanced Secondary Standard, see our website for more details around the standards
  • Aqua Advanced has passed a stringent testing program which was undertaken over a period of 34 weeks. Australia has one of the most demanding testing programs worldwide, which ensures the standard of effluent discharged to the environment is world leading

Sustainable & environmental

  • Designed and manufactured by Everhard Industries, Aqua Advanced is 100% Australian made and owned
  • Treating and recycling wastewater minimises the amount of pollution entering waterways, keeping the environment safe
  •  Using the water on your garden and lawn reduces your water bill and is also advantageous during drought or through periods of water restrictions

 Service & Maintenance

  • Service & maintenance is carried out every 3 months by a licensed Service Provider
  • Light routine maintenance is performed by the homeowner ensuring you get the most out of the system and understand the functions and limitations of the system. All details are provided in the Homeowners Manual that is
    supplied with the purchase of the system

Taylex Treatment System (Global Cert. 040/10)

Taylex is a Quality Assured Company that works under ISO 9001. Our range of products carries all relevant State Government Approvals throughout Australia.

Concrete & Plastic Tanks 15 Year Tank Warranty Includes Internal Compartment Walls… Plus 3 Years Electrical Components Warranty*

Taylex was founded in 1969 and was the first company to manufacture Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) in Australia. Taylex continues to lead the field in both precast concrete and rotational moulding manufacturing, design & installation of Rainwater Tanks and Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) or Home Sewage Treatment Plants (HSTP). Taylex has a National Distribution Network which is supported by factory trained licensed distributors.


* Bluehydro HIPPO Industrial Wastewater Recycling Plant

The BLUEhydro (TM) HIPPO industrial water reclamation system is designed to treat industrial wastewater up to recycling quality for safe reuse in wash operations via pressure washer.


Greene Plumbing is dedicated to providing products that will enhance environmental outcomes and cost efficiencies for our customers. Please ask us about the current government rebates available for treatment plants.
Don’t hesitate to call anytime for further information or to discuss any options that may suit your property.

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