Bluehydro HIPPO

Industrial Wastewater Treatment & recycling for vehicle wash-bays.

The BLUEhydro (TM) HIPPO industrial water reclamation system is designed to treat industrial wastewater up to recycling quality for safe reuse in wash operations via pressure washer.

This is an economical industrial wastewater reclamation plant which produces high quality water suitable for reuse in vehicle wash facilities. The quality of the reclaimed water is such that it not only produces excellent results in wash operations, but it results in the wash equipment and the surrounding environment being kept clean, without the foul smell that often occurs in these areas.

The HIPPO employs a patented method of dissolved air flotation (DAF) process. It is suitable for installation in a wide variety of locations. The HIPPO system has a maximum throughput of 7200 litres per day.

Existing Applications…

* Bus depots

* Heavy truck engine workshps

* Smash repair shops

* Boatsheds, marinas

* Machine and service vehicle workshops

* Hand car wash sites

* New and used car dealers

* New car redistribution centres

* Engine re-conditioners

* Truck & 4WD hire

* Truck dealers

* Council depots

* Heavy vehicle radiator repairers

* Transport companies

Water regularly tested by NATA labs… It is legionella-safe!

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