Davey Rainbanks and Pumps

Greene Plumbing supply and install water pumps and submersible pumps for household water tanks, irrigation, septic treatment systems, agriculture, stormwater and many other applications.

We supply and install a range of pump products for transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water. We install a variety of pressure pumps including Davey Water Products, a market leader in Australia and New Zealand exporting to more than 50 separate countries, servicing some of the toughest environmental and climatic conditions on the globe.

Davey Submersible Pumps are shown below, include D15VA, D25VA, D40VA pumps:

Davey dseries_sump_pumps

Datasheet for submersible pumps: http://www.davey.com.au/media/custom/upload/D15VA_D15VAGMA_D25VA_D40VA_Datasheet_DWP0365-1.pdf