SEPTIC SERVICING – Regular Scheduled & Tailored Servicing of your Treatment System

Servicing Septic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Septic treatment systems require regular maintenance to ensure the system is operating correctly and producing the cleanest possible recycled water. Regular servicing of your wastewater system is a requirement of the EPA and your Shire permit. We also highly recommend regular servicing, it’s a simple, cost-effective service that keeps your system operating at optimum performance, to provide safe, recycled water for your garden. 

Greene Plumbing is a one stop shop for septic systems. We are Aqua Advanced, Aqua NovaTaylex and Ozzikleen approved agents for sales, installation and servicing.

We provide regular scheduled servicing of your septic system at annual discounted rates, or tailored servicing if preferred, in accordance with EPA and local shire regulations. On completing your service we provide you with a Service Report and also submit a Service Report to your local shire on your behalf. Not only do we sell, install and service septic systems, we are also licenced plumbers and can provide any other plumbing, roofing or gas-fitting services you may require while on site. Additionally, Greene Plumbing are current approved contractors for the Surf Coast Shire for plumbing, drain clearing, roofing and septic servicing on council assets and current approved Panel Plumbers for Barwon Water.

Greene Plumbing is well qualified with many years experience installing and servicing septic treatment plants and grey water systems. We design, purpose build, supply, install and service septic wastewater treatment systems for any situation, from household backyards to farms, mining sites, yacht clubs, caravan parks and council vehicle wash-down bays. We can collaborate with you to design or alter your system and irrigation system to best suit your site and shire recommendations, and also create an individual service program to meet your specific circumstances, shire and EPA requirements.

Our service round is scheduled quarterly in February, May, August and November, or we can tailor your servicing to your specific requirements. Should your septic system need urgent attention, then please don’t hesitate to call us anytime! 

Home sewage treatment plants are required by state law to be serviced on a quarterly basis. The EPA and your local council also enforce these laws. Systems may only be serviced by registered licensed wastewater service personnel such as Greene Plumbing staff. Wastewater treatment systems SHOULD BE SERVICED FOR MORE IMPORTANT REASONS THAN STATE LAW, wastewater treatment systems are living organisms. There are trillions of living organisms that make up this complete ecology system. They need monitoring and periodic attention for the wellbeing of your colony. Replacing a dead colony is not as simple as going to a pet store and buying a new goldfish. Greene Plumbing will tend and monitor your treatment system to give your system the best chances of supplying the environment with the cleanest and best quality water (effluent) that your system can produce.

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Aqua Nova Wastewater Treatment System (EPA Approved: CA68/2006)
* Aqua Advanced 
One Tank Wastewater & Irrigation System (EPA Approved: 63228/09/2025)

Taylex Treatment System (EPA Approved: CA115.2/10)

* Biocycle Wastewater System

* Ozzi Kleen


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